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Incentives and Programs
Incentive Packages
The City of Rowlett offers incentives on a case-by-case basis to stimulate business attraction, retention, redevelopment and expansion. The incentive package is determined by the type of operation, the number of full-time jobs created, capital investment, median wage and community impact.

Types of Incentives and Programs

380 Agreements
The City may consider providing loans or grants of city funds as permitted by Section 380.001 of the Texas Local Government Code.
Fee Waivers
Fee waivers may reduce or eliminate any City fees associated with the development of the project.
Infrastructure Improvements
Infrastructure improvements include the provision of, or participation in, the extension of community infrastructure to the project site, including water, wastewater, drainage or road improvements.
Municipal Management Districts (MMD-Specific Areas)
MMDs are created to promote, develop, encourage and maintain employment, commerce, transportation, housing, tourism, recreation, arts, economic development, safety and the public welfare within a defined area.  MMDs facilitate economic development and reduce financial risk and/or cost to the City.  MMDs have the ability to levy taxes, assessments, or impact fees, enter into agreements to implement project plan, can contract with overlapping TIRZ, and can monetize cash flow by issuing debt. 
Tax Abatement
The City will consider providing tax abatements for real and/or personal property. A Cost/Benefit Analysis will be performed to determine the feasibility of the project.
Tax Increment Financing (TIF)
The area in which TIF is being used is known as a Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone (TIRZ). By leveraging private investment for certain types of development within a targeted area, TIF can be used to finance new and/or enhanced public improvements and infrastructure. Tax Increment Financing Map
Triple Freeport Exemption
This business incentive is designed to exempt some of a company’s entire inventory from property taxes. To be eligible, property must be assembled, stored, manufactured or fabricated locally and then exported out of the State within 175 days after the property was acquired or imported into the State.
Emerging Technology Fund
This program establishes partnerships between State governments, institutions of higher education and private industries to focus greater attention on the research, development and commercialization of emerging technology in early stage companies.
Skills Development Fund
Through the Texas Workforce Commission, in cooperation with industry and the local community college, this fund assists businesses by designing, financing and implementing customized job training programs.
Texas Enterprise Fund
The Texas Enterprise Fund (TEF) provides the State’s leaders with a “deal closing fund” that has the flexibility and financial resources to help strengthen the State’s economy. The fund can be used for a variety of economic development projects including infrastructure and community development, job training programs and business incentives. Before funds can be awarded, the governor, lieutenant governor and speaker must unanimously agree to support the use of the TEF for each specific project.

Prospect Questionnaire 
In an effort to objectively evaluate the economic and fiscal impact that your development project may have on the City of Rowlett, the City will review and evaluate certain project specific information. Your assistance and cooperation in providing the requested information will assist the City in determining the need for incentives and/or partnerships. Quality projects are considered for incentives on a case by case basis. In order to be considered, please fill out the online Prospect Questionnaire

For more information on available incentives and programs, please contact the Economic Development Department at (972) 412-6121.