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Property of the Season Winners

The City of Rowlett is proud to announce the winners of the Fall Property of Season Award.  This award recognizes the time and effort of residents who go “above and beyond” maintaining their green spaces.  Each Code Officer presents an award to a home in their district of the city each season of the year.    

Winners for Fall of 2017 are:  

                 Northeast Area:  A Great Neighbor                                                 Northwest Area:  Chris and Melanie Ferrell  
                        Chosen by Code Officer Carlton Bush                                                 Chosen by Code Officer Juan Vallejo

                      Northeast best.jpg         Northwest 3 best.jpg                                                            

                  Southeast Area:  Donna Hughes                                                         Southwest Area:  Doug and Doris Raley
                          With Code Officer David Gensler                                                         Chosen by Code Officer Vernon Drake  
                      southeast best.jpg          Southwest best.jpg

4000 Main Street Rowlett, TX 75088