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Field Training Officer Program

    The Field Training Officer Program is intended to provide a standardized program to facilitate the officer's transition from the academic setting to the actual performance of general law enforcement duties within the Rowlett Police Department.  All newly hired officers will be assigned to a structured Field Training Officer Program that is designed to prepare the new officer to perform in a patrol assignment, and to ensure the officer possesses skills needed to operate in a safe and professional manner.

    This is where police officers that have just graduated from the academy put what they have learned in the academy into practical application on the street while under the direct supervision of an experienced trainer.  For newly hired police officers with prior experience, this is a period of preparation, training transition and integration into the Rowlett Police Department.  New officers in the FTO program will be assigned to an experienced, Rowlett Police Department Training Officer for a 17 week training and evaluation period.  Our FTO program structure is made up of the following:

    Orientation Phase: Maximum of 15 days of classroom, field training and fitness training prior to entering the first phase. 
    First Phase: 15 days, 12-hour shifts in length. 
    Second Phase: 15 days, 12-hour shifts in length. 
    Mid Check Evaluation Phase: 5 days, 12 hour shifts in length. 
    Third Phase: 15 days, 12-hour shifts in length. 
    Fourth Phase: 15 days, 12-hour shifts in length.
    Evaluation (Ghost) Phase: 5 days, 12 hour shifts in length. 

    The FTO program may be extended by the FTO coordinator upon recommendations from the FTO Sergeant and assigned FTO(s) when remedial training needs are identified and a successful training plan can be implemented.

    For additional information please contact Lieutenant Marvin Gibbs at  972-412-6246 or by Email.

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